Sigrid Norris

Sigrid Norris is Professor of Multimodal (Inter)action and Director of the AUT Multimodal Research Centre.

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Jesse Pirini

Jesse Pirini is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Centre.

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Yulia Khan

Yulia Khan is a PhD student at the AUT Multimodal Research Centre. Her doctoral thesis investigates identity of Russian-speaking migrants in New Zealand. Yulia holds two Masters degrees: a Masters in Peace & Conflict Studies from the University of Sydney (Australia) and an MA in Applied Language Studies with Honours (First Class) from AUT. She is the recipient of the Faculty of Culture & Society Dean’s Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Study. Yulia’s research interests include identity, migrant studies, language policy and planning, discourse analysis, and educational leadership.

Tui Matelau

Tui Matelau is a PhD student in the AUT Multimodal Research Centre under the supervision of  Prof Sigrid Norris, Associate Prof Erica Hinckson (Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences, AUT) and Dr Jennifer Nikolai (Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies, AUT). Her thesis explores the way creative practice shapes the identity of Maori and Pacific female artists. Tui received a Bach of Int Communications from Unitec and a Master in Communication Studies from AUT. She received a Te Rūnanga-Ā-Iwi O Ngāpuhi Scholarship (2011) for her MCS and was awarded a Whāia NPM Doctoral Excellence Scholarship from Nga Pae o te Māramatanga for her PhD (2016).

Ivana Rajic

Ivana is completing her Masters of Philosophy in the AUT Multimodal Research Centre under the supervision of Prof Sigrid Norris and Dr Jesse Pirini. Ivana is interested in emotion and facial expression. She is studying teamwork and video conferenceing, considering the role of emotion in these interactions. Ivana received a fees scholarship from the AUT Multimodal Research Centre.

Jarret Geenen

Jarret completed his PhD at the AUT Multimodal Research Centre in 2013. He is now Assistant Professor at the University of Radboud in the Netherlands. Jarret's PhD work developed theory and methodology through an analysis of kitesurfing, making some key contributions to multimodal theory and to the study of lifestyle sports. Jarret teaches approaches to multimodality at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and is conducting several varied research projects.

Madeline Henry

Madeline completed her BCS (Hons) degree at the AUT Multimodal Research Centre under the supervision of Jesse Pirini. She studied how mobile technologies change the dynamics of interactions with a focus on parental control/child agency. Madeline is now completing a Master's degree in the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences at AUT. Her study continues to work with video technology, exploring the experience of camgirls.

Visiting scholars

We welcome enquiries from scholars interested in spending time at the AUT Multimodal Research Centre. Contact us detailing your interest in visiting, including timeframes and what you are interested in doing while you are here.

Elina Tapio

Elina was a visiting scholar in the MRC for 3 months, August – October 2014.

Elina Tapio is principal lecture at the Humak University of Applied Sciences, Finland. She is doing ethnographic research on signed interaction with a particular interest on space, multimodality, and multilingualism within the framework of Mediated Discourse Analysis. profile

Edgar Bernad

Edgar was a visiting scholar in  the AUT Multimodal Research Centre from March 2016 to October 2016.

Edgar Bernad is pursuing his interest in analysing multimodal interaction with a 5-month visiting scholar position at the AUT Multimodal Research Centre. Edgar’s PhD research in the GRAPE research group at Universitat Jaume I, Spain ( focuses on how metadiscourse is used from a multimodal point of view in lectures. While at the AUT Multimodal Research Centre Edgar is participating in the discussion series, analysing multimodal data and writing sections of his thesis.

Edgar is also a film producer, and has worked on a number of short films. See them on Facebook and YouTube