At the AUT Multimodal Research Centre we apply multimodal approaches to a range of thematic areas. As a result we usually have multiple projects going at the same time. Below is a selection of some of our current of past projects.

Those interested in collaborating with staff at the AUT Multimodal Research Centre, visiting as a scholar, or studying with us, can visit our contact page and submit an enquiry.

Research Areas and Related Projects

Learning and Teaching

  • Peer tutoring
  • Technology use in schools
  • Classroom education
  • Creative (e.g. painting, art) education


  • Indigenous identity and tertiary education
  • Personal identity
  • Religious and vegetarian identity

Non-verbal Actions

  • Family interaction with video-conferencing
  • Describing space and collaborating

Environment and Objects

  • Describing space and collaborating
  • Augmented reality

Movement and Obesity

  • Activity in classrooms

Knowledge Communication

  • Peer tutoring